About UDR

Est. 2012


Who We Are

The UDR Canada is a volunteer run animal rescue. Our animals come from a variety of different backgrounds such as pounds and shelters, strays and surrendered pets.  Through our network of volunteers, foster homes, trainers and veterinarians, we strive to give every animal the loving home they deserve.  Our animals live in foster homes across the GTA (and sometimes farther!) as they get ready for adoption.

A Dedication to Susan



The UDR was founded in 2012 by Susan Burke. A fierce warrior of a woman, despite her small stature, Susan worked tirelessly to make the lives of animals better each and every day. We tragically lost Susan in 2022, far before her time should have come, but her work lives on through the UDR. 

Animal welfare was her passion, and we strive to keep her memory alive daily by continuing her mission.